Monthly Archives: April 2011

M & M (teaser)

What happens when you have a beautiful location, great people to take pictures of, and twins?

A lot of fun!

Actually, that day I was kind of shady (metaphorically and literally). It was cloudy outside and I wasn’t feeling great but thank you Mike and Mary for being such great sports!

Graham and Lincoln were really great too!

(More to come in the next few days!)

Introducing: The ‘send’ button

Yesterday, facebook announced their new ‘send’ button.

(all together now: oooooooooooohhhhh!)

Zack decided to add one here just for kicks.

Click on ‘send’ below and it should bring up a tool to invite your facebook friends to this site.

Let me know whether it works!


I had such fun a couple of weeks ago shooting this beautiful family. We go way back to the old days of when we all worked at Hangers Dry Cleaners. Anna came up with some great ideas to take a few pictures with some rubber ducks, raincoats, and rain boots. Thanks for your creativity Anna!