Raleigh Rocks

Running is not my forte.

The first day I ran, I told my husband, Zack, that I would complete 4 miles. I think I only ran a quarter mile that day…

However, I always, always say, “if I can do it, anyone can”.

I started from scratch. No training in high school. I was the girl in college doing the eliptical, but never ever saw the need to run. I always thought, “what’s the big deal with running?”

That is until I had my first child, Josiah.

Ah yes, running was going to “get me in shape” post-baby.

The long, grueling process was painful, but I wanted to prove I could do it!

It is a paradox that you can literally achieve anything you put your mind to.

Running in my opinion is 80% mental and 20% physical. It’s also a great way to think and pray for me. I pray a lot when I run. Plus it’s great to get some sanity when I’m having a bad day or I feel I might go out of my mind with my two children. (Understand I love them dearly, but you just have your days! Right?!)

So, in 2009 I completed my first half, the Virginia Beach half-marathon. My second was last year, City of Oaks (a.k.a. kick your butt, or what’s with all the hills half-marathon).

Next month, my sister and I will be running our first half-marathon together in the Raleigh Rocks half marathon. Yes, I urged her to start running 1/2 marathons and she completed her first last year with her hubby! :0)

Here are some pics of past marathons and of course the shoes I love wearing…Brooks.