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In life, each of us is on a journey. My sister began a journey 3 years ago to become a lawyer. At first, I was perplexed because she never mentioned law as kids. Being sisters we would chat about all kinds of things (boys, future, my faith, etc.). Your sister is the one who knows you. Your secrets, hopes,  and dreams. She’s the one you share your life with. I have been through thick and thin with this girl. I’m beyond proud of the accomplishments and strides she’s made. I always knew she was a smarty. She has always been ambitious.

So in May, I braved traveling with a 6 month old (being a single parent is not my cup of tea). We laughed, went shopping, I got to hang out and play tourist for a day with my parents and grandma. For me, it was nice to my sister and be able to walk along side her in her own house.

The graduation was an experience all its own. From the bagpipes to watching her walk across the stage (thank you Roy for walking my son in the stroller). For my sister, it’s another chapter that has ended and a new chapter that will begin. It’s strange at how as you get older your life seems to go at a rapid pace. I sound so sappy, but apart of me like her will want to lock away these memories in our hearts to remember.



New Beginnings

Days are beginning to get longer. Spring is almost here, I am just starting to breath in everything new. There’s new sounds, new things to learn, soaking in every moment can be refreshing. This season of my life has also been overwhelming. I’m going to attempt to catch you up on what has been going on in my head and heart.

First, the last time I posted something I was still pregnant. We welcomed our third baby, Benjamin in late November 2012. Between thinking I was going to be pregnant forever, and managing who was going to watch our other 2 kids, it was – to say the least – a chaotic time. My scheduled induction was fast approaching and the morning I went in for a checkup was a little frightening for me. I had experienced a little discharge that morning and wanted to get it checked. All of the nurses looked at me like “you haven’t had that baby yet?” Zack was at home and we were trying to figure out who would watch the kids while he was at the hospital with me. Our babysitter, Erin, was gracious enough to watch them until grandma could come over to the house.

I was almost afraid Zack wouldn’t make it. Had they broken my water any sooner he wouldn’t have. The labor was only an hour, which some would agree is awesome.  Zack barely made it in time. He was trying to take my mind off of things by chatting about things he was reading (mostly a Lincoln biography). I wanted something to distract me and take my mind off of the contractions. I felt bad because I was yelling for someone (anyone) to help. With my other two births I had an epidural. Everything happened so fast. But, when I asked for the epidural I had no idea I was fully dilated  I got the epidural anyway, but it takes about 15 minutes for you to feel the effects of the epidural. I felt everything, which in some ways I had always wanted to do, but I have no idea how woman survived without epidurals. Pain medicine is a good thing.

The outpouring of people who love us still amazes me. I have an amazing group of women I meet with on a regular basis. They brought us meals, encouraged us, and have been so kind and generous throughout. When you bring an infant home, the first couple of months seem like a haze. There are sleepless nights, you have no idea what day it is, and survival is the only thing on your mind. When you have other little ones, the first couple of months is just stabilization. You’re not only taking care of an infant but others as well.

Now some of you are asking what’s on the horizon for my photography.

Zack and I love photographing. It gives us a window into peoples lives. I love the creative aspect too, but I also realize this is a crazy season. If I get to the end of my life and I haven’t invested in God’s kingdom, whatever I build down here will pass away.  I’m trying to find a balance between being a wife, a mom, and serving others. I spend day in and day out with my littles. They are the ones I am investing in for the kingdom in the present.

A dear friend came to photograph our life in action. She shared things about her photography that I have never pondered before. She not only did photography, but was investing in God’s kingdom. It got me thinking: How do I leverage our lives for God’s kingdom?  So, I have some thoughts, but I guess that should be a post for another time. For your enjoyment. Here is our newest addition (pictures from the hospital) and some family photos that the lovely Kristin Shyla took. She is a woman who photographs life at the heart. She dreams big. Most of all, she loves Jesus.


Tiny Dancer

Why do I love photography? There are moments that you get to freeze in time and look and cherish them for years to come. This shoot I will always remember because I met a sweet little girl, who was in a tutu when I first saw her. My immediate thought went to my daughter, Kharis who is always blurting out “ballerina” whenever she sees a girl in a tutu. And so it is, I had the pleasure and joy to take these portraits. At the end of our shoot she started dancing and the joy on her face was priceless. Enjoy!