Tiny Dancer

Why do I love photography? There are moments that you get to freeze in time and look and cherish them for years to come. This shoot I will always remember because I met a sweet little girl, who was in a tutu when I first saw her. My immediate thought went to my daughter, Kharis who is always blurting out “ballerina” whenever she sees a girl in a tutu. And so it is, I had the pleasure and joy to take these portraits. At the end of our shoot she started dancing and the joy on her face was priceless. Enjoy!





Baby Noah

Who doesn’t love babies?! Precious little Noah is the third addition to his family, behind two beautiful girls (Emma and Addison). So, let’s just say that this little guy was fun to photograph. And by fun, I mean kinda cranky and uncooperative. Babies are fun and unpredictable, but hey that’s how they roll and I’m okay to be flexible. I would much rather just take pictures of everyday life so that it’s etched in memories and pictures for mom and dad. So, here is the shoot from Noah’s newborn pictures. 



Married. Ashley & Katey

The clouds loomed over the house.  Before God they chose their own vows to say to each other. “Will you make me happier than a bunny in a carrot patch?” He said. Two lives joined as one. Thank you for letting us be apart of your day! So, it is finally here Ashley and Katey. Married.


How in the world do you begin shooting a wedding? I had tremendous help from a friend who I met in school a while ago. I admit, when this adventure began I had no clue how things were going to work. Kristin of Kristin Shyla Photography helped me through my fears and questions through email, phone calls, and then dinner. She went the extra mile to help this girl out. She is an amazing photographer, but more than that she is such a great encouragement for me in general. You spend a couple of minutes with her and you can see her passion and sweet spirit. So, go check out her blog and her stunning images.

My husband. Zack. Yes, he went through this whole process with me every minute (good, bad, and ugly). When I was muddling through what steps should be taken, equipment, chatting, emotional drama with pregnancy he was there. He is definitely my calm through the storm apart from Jesus. He’s my best friend and more than a girl could ever hope or ask for. Plus, he was the second shooter and did a great job (he won’t tell you that, but he did great)!!