Give Me Faith-Part 2

I know it has been a while since my last post. Some of you, like me have been itching to know what is going to happen. I more than anyone else have been on pins and needles, praying and pleading with the Lord on our baby’s (punkin) behalf. I wanted the moment we found about the chroid plexus to know if it would go away. Minus my pregnancy hormones I was on an emotional roller coaster sobbing for no reason, sobbing for a reason. You name it. I felt every emotion related. And yet, there were people who challenged me to have more faith. I confess, there were times when I didn’t have it.

This morning was pretty stressful. I had zero sleep last night. I spent most of the night tossing and turning and the other part of it having songs from the Lorax in my head (trust me, you’ll get it stuck in your head too). Got dressed and we were running a little bit late.You know that feeling you get right before you’re going to speak before and audience. Or you get super nervous when you’re meeting someone for the first time. This was nothing compared to what I was feeling the moment we pulled up. It felt surreal. It was the moment we were going to find out if the cyst was still there, the moment I would know if my placenta was going to be in the way of the cervix. I was thinking “Lord you knew this moment would come, it’s here, I just don’t know what’s going to happen…HELP US”!

So the ultrasound tech, took us back and my sweet husband said “She’s a little nervous”, to which the lady said “about what?” In my head I was like…did she not read the file about the cyst and my placenta? She reassured me that I was young and it was nothing to worry about. Easy for her to say right?! Plus she hadn’t even done the screening. How could she say that? But, when she started showing us pictures of the face and the hands, my heart just said thank you Lord! Babies are miracles, truly. Then she said the words I had been waiting to hear for the past 2 months. There is no cyst anywhere. And the baby is two and a half pounds. She laughed and said “no growth issues here”. The other thing my OB wanted to check for was the placenta previa I had on my previous ultrasound. Just the tail was covering the cervix, and she said that it had moved and was not in the way any longer.

The doc came in and echoed everything the technician had reviewed with us. Everything looks good. We have a healthy baby. Praise Jesus!

Here is a pic of punkin. Zack thinks based on the face it’s a boy. I have no idea. I am tickled to rest in knowing God is faithful, good, and gracious. :0)


Ashley & Katey

Time waited. Love spent. Ashley and Katey coming soon…


I was so excited this past weekend to share in Kharis turning 2. It is crazy how much time goes by. This little girl is spunky, compassionate, and full of grace. She is sweet and is always full of joy. So, what better way to celebrate then have a small family get together and have the camera out to get some fun photos. We usually watch the fireworks here and I thought it would be brilliant, but the grass was knee high. The kids didn’t seem to mind. They loved playing and running with daddy. We finished up down by the lake where the kids could throw rocks and just sit and watch the clouds together. My cup runneth over.

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