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In life, each of us is on a journey. My sister began a journey 3 years ago to become a lawyer. At first, I was perplexed because she never mentioned law as kids. Being sisters we would chat about all kinds of things (boys, future, my faith, etc.). Your sister is the one who knows you. Your secrets, hopes,  and dreams. She’s the one you share your life with. I have been through thick and thin with this girl. I’m beyond proud of the accomplishments and strides she’s made. I always knew she was a smarty. She has always been ambitious.

So in May, I braved traveling with a 6 month old (being a single parent is not my cup of tea). We laughed, went shopping, I got to hang out and play tourist for a day with my parents and grandma. For me, it was nice to my sister and be able to walk along side her in her own house.

The graduation was an experience all its own. From the bagpipes to watching her walk across the stage (thank you Roy for walking my son in the stroller). For my sister, it’s another chapter that has ended and a new chapter that will begin. It’s strange at how as you get older your life seems to go at a rapid pace. I sound so sappy, but apart of me like her will want to lock away these memories in our hearts to remember.



Tiny Dancer

Why do I love photography? There are moments that you get to freeze in time and look and cherish them for years to come. This shoot I will always remember because I met a sweet little girl, who was in a tutu when I first saw her. My immediate thought went to my daughter, Kharis who is always blurting out “ballerina” whenever she sees a girl in a tutu. And so it is, I had the pleasure and joy to take these portraits. At the end of our shoot she started dancing and the joy on her face was priceless. Enjoy!





Baby Noah

Who doesn’t love babies?! Precious little Noah is the third addition to his family, behind two beautiful girls (Emma and Addison). So, let’s just say that this little guy was fun to photograph. And by fun, I mean kinda cranky and uncooperative. Babies are fun and unpredictable, but hey that’s how they roll and I’m okay to be flexible. I would much rather just take pictures of everyday life so that it’s etched in memories and pictures for mom and dad. So, here is the shoot from Noah’s newborn pictures.