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S + T + E + A


We had a ton of fun shooting the beautiful Fisher family.

Believe it or not: These are a few of our favorites from the FIRST HALF of the shoot.


Baby Ezra

Ezra baby pictureEzra baby pictureEzra baby pictureEzra baby pictureEzra baby pictureEzra baby pictureEzra baby pictureEzra baby pictureEzra baby pictureEzra baby picture

Tune My Heart

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A couple of weeks ago I got the privilege to photograph a beautiful girl named Reagan.

We had a ton of fun scoping out different locations around Butner and Creedmoor

Our night involved mexican food, a couple of outfit changes, and did I mention fun?

We met Reagan and her family last summer and they have become dear friends.

The title of this post is tied to Reagan’s story. Last year she had a regular check up and the doctor heard a heart murmur. Sometimes these turn out to be nothing and you can go your whole life without even knowing about them, but God designed Reagan uniquely so that her heart required some surgery to keep all the blood flowing correctly.

I think she is so brave and a very sweet girl.

The hymn Come Thou Fount has a phrase “tune my heart to sing thy grace”. That is my prayer all the time, but I hope it is the same for her.